ROMS (Regional Ocean Model System)

Posted March 21, 2002,14:20
Institution: DMCS, Rutgers University

The Regional Ocean Model System (Roms) is a free-surface, hydrostatic, primitive equation ocean model that uses stretched, terrain-following coordinates in the vertical and orthogonal curvilinear coordinates in the horizontal.Initially, it was based on the S-coordinate Rutgers University Model (SCRUM) described by Song and Haidvogel (1994). Roms was completely rewritten to improve both its numerics and efficiency in single and multi-threaded computer architectures. It also was expanded to include a variety of new features including high-order advection schemes; accurate pressure gradient algorithms; several subgrid-scale parameterizations; atmospheric, oceanic, and benthic boundary layers; biological modules; radiation boundary conditions; and data assimilation.