LOAM (Lamont Ocean-AML Model)

Posted March 20, 2002,18:59
Institution: Lamont Institute

A modified version of the Gent-Cane (1989) model originally developed for modeling the equatorial Pacific on a stretched lon/lat A-grid and with a vertical structure consisting of a surface mixed lyaer and sigma layers down to a bottom layer of no motion. The modified features include: the basic horizontal features of Gent-Cane (1989), e.g. 4th-order time and space discretizations, Shapiro filters, etc.; diffusion of tracers along isopycnal surfaces; choice of level, mixed level and sigma layer modes; augmentation of levels near the surface with a variable depth mixed layer and patches to deep levels with intermediate sigma levels; coupling to a mixed layer model of the lowest layer of the atmosphere to allow for the feedbacks between the SST and heat fluxes; a thermodynamic ice model after Oberhuber and advection based on the Hibler rheology; generalized sponge regions for relaxing back to temperature and salinity at all depths and, optionally, to a barotropic stream function obtained from a larger domain run; generalized relax regions for relaxing back to surface data; maintenance of uniform lat/lon aspect ratio; saving individual terms in the momentum balance equations; and shifting the poles of the spherical coordinates.

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