HYCOM (Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model)

Posted March 20, 2002,18:55
Institution: HYCOM Consortium
Contact: wallcraft@ajax.nrlssc.navy.mil
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In the mixed layer, grid points are placed vertically so that a smooth transition of each layer interface from an isopycnic to a constant-depth surface occurs where the interface outcrops into the mixed layer. HYCOM therefore behaves like a conventional sigma model in very shallow and/or unstratified oceanic regions, like a z-level coordinate model in the mixed layer or other unstratified regions, and like an isopycnic-coordinate model in stratified regions. In doing so, the model combines the advantages of the different types of coordinates in optimally simulating coastal and open-ocean circulation features. The present procedure of driving high-resolution coastal models (which invariably use fixed vertical grids) with output from a basin-scale isopycnic model can be streamlined, since HYCOM will be able to provide the required near-shore data at fixed depth intervals.

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