ECOM-si: Estuarine, Coastal and Ocean Model (semi-implicit)

Posted March 20, 2002,18:25
Institution: USGS

ECOM-si is a 3D ocean circulation model developed principally by Alan Blumberg of HydroQual. It is similar to the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) described in Blumberg and Mellor (1987), but incorporates an implicit scheme developed by Vincenzo Casulli for solving the gravity wave so that the need for separate barotropic and baroclinic time steps is eliminated. ECOM-si is not generally available, but if you are looking for a freely available 3D circulation model for conducting research in the coastal model, I suggest checking out either POM or the very nicely documented and maintained Rutgers/UCLA ROMS model. Note that POM and ROMS are not available for commercial use. More information about modeling applications with ECOM-si can be found on the HydroQual web site.

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