COHERENS (COupled Hydrodynamical Ecological model for REgioNal Shelf seas)

Posted March 20, 2002,18:09
Institution: Marine Science and Technology Programme (MAST-III)

COHERENS is a three-dimensional hydrodynamic multi-purpose model for coastal and shelf seas, which is coupled to biological, resuspension and contaminant models, and resolves mesoscale to seasonal scale processes. The program has been developed over the period of 1990-1998 by a multinational European group, as part of the MAST projects PROFILE, NOMADS and COHERENS funded by the European Union. The main features of COHERENS are: a physical component with modules for currents, salinity and temperature; a module for simulating biological cycling processes, a sediment module describing the deposition and erosion of suspended organic and inorganic material; Eulerian and Lagrangian modules to simulate the advective-diffusive transport of contaminants.

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