Relevant Journals

The following list is of relevant scientific journals. If you feel that a journal was omitted please contact us at Webmaster Thanks

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS)

Publishes papers on historical and scientific topics that are of general interest to the AMS membership. It also publishes papers in areas of current scientific controversy and debate, as well as review articles.

Computing in Science and Engineering

CiSE magazine is a joint publication of the IEEE Computer Society and the American Institute of Physics. It covers computational science and engineering research for a broad range of technical fields.

Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers

Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers

Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography

Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography publishes the topical issues arising from the many international and interdisciplinary projects which are undertaken.

Physical, Chemical and Biological Oceanographers, Marine Sedimentologists, Geologists and Geochemists, Marine Biologists and Ecologists.

Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans

This is the journal of Dynamics of Oceans and Atmospheres.

Geophysical Research Letters

Geophysical Research Letters publishes short, concise research letters that present scientific advances that are likely to have immediate influence on the research of other investigators. GRL letters can focus on a specific discipline or apply broadly to the geophysical science community.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids

The expressed intention of the Journal is the dissemination of information relating to the development, refinement, and application of computer-based numerical techniques for solving problems in fluids. These include, but are not limited to, the Finite Difference and Finite Element methods, in each of which the manner of imposing boundary conditions to obtain a numerical solution can be quite important. The submission of manuscripts in which the primary contribution is experimental is encouraged, if such results are compared with previously published numerical predictions. Also encouraged are papers in which an established numerical technique is used to study some of the subtleties associated with the physics of fluids. Indeed, even papers presenting closed form solutions directly related to engineering problems and demonstrated to be effective will be published.

Journal of Applied Meterology (JAM)

Publishes applied research related to physical meteorology, cloud physics, hydrology, weather modification, satellite meteorology, boundary layer processes, air pollution meteorology (including dispersion and chemical processes), agricultural and forest meteorology, and applied meteorological numerical models of all types.

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology (JTECH)

Publishes papers describing the instrumentation and methodology used in atmospheric and oceanic research including computational techniques, methods for data acquisition, processing, and interpretation, and information systems and algorithms.

Journal OF Climate (JCLI)

Publishes articles on climate research and, therefore, welcomes manuscripts concerned with large-scale variability of the atmosphere, oceans, and land surface; changes in the climate system (including those caused by human activities); and climate simulation and prediction.

Journal of Computational Physics

Journal of Computational Physics thoroughly treats the computational aspects of physical problems, presenting techniques for the numerical solution of mathematical equations arising in all areas of physics. The journal seeks to emphasize methods that cross disciplinary boundaries.

Journal of Geophysical Research

This is the Journal of Geophysical Research

Journal of Hydrometeorology (JHM)

Publishes research related to the modeling, observing, and forecasting of processes related to water and energy fluxes and storage terms, including interactions with the boundary layer and lower atmosphere, and including processes related to precipitation, radiation, and other meteorological inputs.

Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO)

Publishes research related to the physics of the ocean and to processes operating at its boundaries. Theoretical and modeling studies are welcome, especially those that are linked to observations. Papers that investigate interactions with other components of the earth system (e.g., ocean–atmosphere, physical–biological and physical–chemical interactions) as well as studies of other fluid systems (e.g., lakes and laboratory tanks) are also invited, as long as their focus is on understanding the ocean.

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Publishes basic research related to the physics, dynamics, and chemistry of the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets, with emphasis on the quantitative and deductive aspects of the subject.

Limnology and Oceanography

Limnology and Oceanography publishes original articles about all aspects of limnology and oceanography. The journal's unifying theme is the understanding of aquatic ecosystems.

Monthly Weather Review (MWR)

Publishes research related to analysis and prediction of observed and modeled circulations of the atmosphere, including technique development, data assimilation, model validation, and relevant case studies. This includes papers on numerical techniques and data assimilation techniques that apply to the atmosphere and/or ocean environment.

Numerical Ocean Circulation Modeling

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the models and methods employed in the rapidly advancing field of numerical ocean circulation modeling. For those new to the field, concise reviews of the equations of oceanic motion, sub-grid-scale parameterization, and numerical approximation techniques are presented and four specific numerical models, chosen to span the range of current practice, are described in detail. For more advanced users, a suite of model test problems is developed to illustrate the differences among models, and to serve as a first stage in the quantitative evaluation of future algorithms. The extensive list of references makes this book a valuable text for both graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the marine sciences and in related fields such as meteorology, and climate and coupled biogeochemical modeling.

Ocean Modelling

Formerly the Ocean Modelling Newsletter from SCOR, Ocean Modelling has been relaunched as a rapid response Web-based Journal. Submit your manuscript, preliminary communication, discussion paper or news item now to be part of this innovative new project.

Oceanologica Acta

Oceanologica Acta is a scientific journal of French origin, with an international audience.

South African Journal of Science

The Journal was established in 1903 as the proceedings of the annual meetings of the SA Association for the Advancement of Science. The annual volume became a monthly publication in August 1947. Since 1973, the Journal has in turn had a close association with Macmillan Journals in London (the publisher of Nature), the Joint Council of Scientific Societies (JCSS), the Associated Scientific and Technical Societies of SA (AS&TS), and the Foundation for Education, Science and Technology. Since April 1997, at the request of the Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, the management of the Journal has been the responsibility of the NRF. The editorial staff are housed in the NRF building in Pretoria.

Weather and Forcasting (WAF)

Publishes articles on forecasting and analysis techniques, forecast verification studies, and case studies useful to forecasters. In addition, submissions that report on changes to the suite of operational numerical models and statistical postprocessing techniques, and articles that demonstrate the transfer of research results to the forecasting community.

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